Journal of Geographical & Anthropological Studies

Serein Journal of Geographical & Anthropological Studies (SJGAS) is an open access double blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes topics related to physical process and spatial patterns at the earth's surface, physio-geographical elements and their interaction, global change and its regional response, characters and management of natural resources, landscape ecology and environmental construction, remote sensing, geographic information system and their applications in geographical research. SJGAS also reaches out to anthropologists of all specialties and theoretical perspectives both in the United States and around the world, with special emphasis given to the detailed presentation and rigorous analysis of primary research.

Editor-in-Chief: R. Allen Shoaf

Genre: Physical Geography, Representation of climate data, Human Geography, Maps Projection, Economic Geography, Geomorphology, Thematic cartography, Climatology, Environmental Geography, Economic Geography, Regional Planning and Development, Disaster Management, Geomorphology, Climatology and Soil Geography, Geohydrology and Oceanography, Biogeography, Anthropological research, Cultural representations, beliefs and practices, Evolution, variation and adaptation, Human physiology and pharmacology, Kinship and religion, Urbanism and society etc.

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Online ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

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