Journal of Architecture & Industrial-Design

Serein Journal of Architecture & Industrial-Design (SJHRS) is an open access double blind peer-reviewed journal in the academic discipline of architecture, interior and industrial design. It includes building design and construction, design management and design coordination, facilities management and various other fields that are related to architectural engineering. The aim of the journal is to create break free communication link between the research communities.

Editor-in-Chief: R. Allen Shoaf

Genre: History of art and design, Sketching and Drawing, Product Analysis and Function Design, The design process and thinking, Framework of Design, Design and Innovation Methods, Design Issues, Nature of Materials and Process, Art, Design and Society Image Making and Representation, Elements of Design, Media Investigation and Communication Methods, Life Drawing, Communication and presentation skills, Product Interface & Design, Form and Aesthetics, Computer Aided Product Detailing, Applied Ergonomics, Design for Usability, Design for Sustainability, Design for User Experience, Strategic Design Management

List of Volumes & Issues
Print ISSN: xxxx-xxxx
Online ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

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