Journal of Literature & Modern Languages

Serein Journal of Literature & Modern Languages (SJLML) is an open access double blind peer-reviewed journal in the academic discipline of literature and modern language. SJAH publishes original and high-quality research papers in all areas of linguistics, literature and TESL. We welcome academic reflections written within the frameworks of: drama, film, media studies, photography, journalism, literary and cultural studies, cultural geography, Irish studies, European studies, gender studies, history, discourse analysis, psychoanalysis, psychology etc.

Editor-in-Chief: R. Allen Shoaf

Genre: Victorian Literature, American Literature, Readings in Gender and Sexuality, History of English Literature, African-American Literature, Women’s Writings, Creative Writing, English Poetry, Contemporary Fiction, European Literature, Canadian Literature, Renaissance Texts, Research & Criticism, Literature, Language and Media, French studies, German studies, Russian studies, Spanish studies, Written and oral skills, History, politics, culture and society, Intercultural communication etc.

List of Volumes & Issues
Print ISSN: xxxx-xxxx
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