Journal of Human Resource Management

Serein Journal of Human Resource Management (SJHRM) is an open access double blind peer-reviewed journal for human resource management (HRM) scholars and professionals worldwide. SJHRM welcomes papers that are based in any discipline – for example organizational behavior, occupational psychology or labor economics – as long as there is a clear link to the HRM literature and that they develop strong implications for HR practice.

Editor-in-Chief: Gregory F Udell

Genre: Equal Employment Opportunity, HR Management in Organizations Strategic, HR Management and Planning, Workers, Jobs and Job Analysis, Human Resource Planning and Retention, Recruiting and Labor Markets, Selecting Human Resources, Training Human Resources, Talent Management, Performance Management and Appraisal, Total Rewards and Compensation, Incentive Plans and Executive Compensation, Managing Employee Benefits, Risk Management and Worker Protection, Employee Rights and Responsibilities, Union/Management Relations etc.

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Print ISSN: xxxx-xxxx
Online ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

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